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Organic Essential Oils

Essential oils are the highly concentrated essences extracted from a plants’ flowers, leaves, stems, seeds, and roots. Essential oils are thought to have powerful healing powers and are commonly used in religious and cultural ceremonies. In addition, the aromatherapy benefits from essential oils are used to help relieve colds, promote relaxation, calm skin issues and alleviate symptoms of anxiety.

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How are Essential Oils made?

Essential oils are 75 times more concentrated than dried plants and are a result of a distillation or cold pressing process of the original plant. These methods of extractions allow the oil to hold the plant’s unique terpenes and compounds to provide their distinctive aromas. These aromatic compounds create the fresh, citrusy scent of a ripe orange or the pleasurable perfume of a flower.

How Do Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil Differ?

Essential Oils

  • 100% Natural Substances
  • Uses the entire scent complex compound
  • Complex and timely extraction processes
  • Therapeutic Benefits

Natural Fragrance Oils

  • Created in a laboratory
  • Created by isolated natural aromatic components
  • Uses only a single scent molecule
  • No Therapeutic Benefits

Synthetic Fragrance Oils

  • Created in a laboratory
  • Created from chemical compounds
  • Made using synthetic (man-made) materials
  • Could contain harmful chemicals
Field of USDA organic spearmint plants

What does USDA certified organic mean?

When the official USDA organic seal is used, it assures consumers that the product contains no antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, or GMOs. Growers must utilize 100% organic farming practices for at least three years before applying for the seal, along with passing annual inspections thereafter. This symbol is a mark of excellence and products that carry it are comprised of only the highest quality ingredients. ReliefRX Plus and Bokek both use USDA certified organic essential oils to ensure only the purest oils touch your skin.

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How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways. The essence can be diffused into air to provide aromatherapy benefits. They can be combined with other ingredients to create topical products like cosmetics or body scrubs. When used in a warm bath, the oils can provide the benefits from both inhalation and skin absorption. The terpenes and other compounds found in the oil release the plant’s natural healing properties and provide relief for the body and the mind.

There are over 90 types of essential oils to choose from. Each variety contains various notes which influence how long a scent will last. The make-up of each molecule determines its degree of volatility, which effects the evaporation rate, and thus the aroma. It is popular to create essential oil blends to find the perfect mix for each user. By combining essential oils that have varying degrees of volatility, the aroma can have an extra deep, and luxurious quality.








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Which Essential Oil to use?

There are an extensive variety of plants used to create essential oils including herbs, flowers, seeds and plant roots. The location where a plant is farmed will change the aroma and intensity. A lavender essential oil from France smells very different to one grown in Bolivia due to the variations in climate, soil conditions and altitude. Essential oil choice depends on personal preference of the aroma or for the therapeutic benefit you are seeking.

Lavender Essential Oil

Quite possibly the most popular essential oil, lavender is beloved for its welcoming scent and calming fragrance that can help promote rest.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This invigorating and refreshing aroma is commonly used to help clear sinuses as well as rejuvenating the senses. Its cooling properties can also be soothing for sore and tight muscles.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

A well-rounded and sweetly balanced aroma, grapefruit is often used as a pick-me-up to help boost the mood and brighten the day.

Neroli Essential Oil

Extracted from the white orange blossom tree, neroli delivers a romantic fragrance reminiscent of honey, orange, and floral. It’s commonly used in perfume to deliver an indulgent treat.

Spearmint Essential Oil

Refreshing like eucalyptus but with a sweeter and lighter aroma profile, spearmint essential oil is commonly used to uplift spirits.