Organic Dead Sea bath salts in a bathroom

Dead Sea Salt and Organic Essential Oils

An ancient remedy for modern times

USDA Certified Organic essential oils combine with mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt to create our iconic Bokek® Bath Salts. Believed to be the most therapeutic bath treatment for calming muscles and soothing your skin, this restorative blend dates back to ancient Egypt. It is believed Cleopatra relied on the properties of these two, noble ingredients — salt and aromatic oils — as part of her beauty ritual.

Available to purchase in bulk for spas or in consumer friendly, retail packaging.

Only 2 Ingredients
Safe on All Skin Types
Crafted in the USA
Cruelty Free

Pick Your Scent

Lavender Scented Dead Sea Salt in a 2.2 lb Bag


Calming, classic and floral.

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Eucalyptus Scented Dead Sea Salt in a 2.2 lb Bag


Pain relieving, sharp and clean.

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Neroli Scented Dead Sea Salt in a 2.2 lb Bag


Soothing, citrus and honey.

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Spearmint Scented Dead Sea Salt in a 2.2 lb Bag


Energizing, sweet and minty.

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Bokek organic dead sea salt bags on a marble surface
Organic lavender and organic eucalyptus plants

Certified Organic Essential Oils

Essential oils are carefully extracted from plant leaves and flowers to capture the components, known as terpenes, that produce fragrance. Unlike many companies that use synthetic or fragrance oils, Bokek® chooses organic ingredients to provide premier quality product.

In their purest form these oils are loaded with antioxidants and healing properties. Commonly used in holistic medicine and aromatherapy, when added to bath salt and warm water, each botanical’s unique scent is released providing additional therapeutic relief. Saltology® brands solely use natural and certified organic ingredients to ensure our luxury bath salts are as healthy and beneficial as possible.

The coast of the Dead Sea

Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea, also known as the Salt Sea, naturally creates mineral-rich salt known to provide numerous therapeutic benefits. Located between the shores of Jordan and Israel, the healing powers of the Dead Sea have been recognized for centuries. This sea is claimed to be discovered by the Queen of Sheba, and the first known spa was located there by Cleopatra.

The 21 minerals found in this salt can soothe sore muscles, reduce joint pain, and beautify the skin. Dead sea salt is especially ideal for soothing skin issues from acne to psoriasis. The Bokek® brand combines only two natural ingredients, Dead Sea Salt, and organic essential oil, to create a restorative bath salt fine enough to carry the Saltology® name.