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Saltology, a division of SaltWorks, introduced Relief Rx, a line of 100% USDA organic therapeutic bath salts that are crafted using full spectrum nano-emulsified CBD, essential oils and Antarctic Sea Salt.

The Relief Rx collection features four scents: lavender, eucalyptus, grapefruit and original. Each product is available in three bag sizes: 250 g (250 mg CBD); 1 kg (1,000 mg CBD); and 2 kg (2,000 mg CBD).

Relief Rx uses nano-emulsified full-spectrum CBD reportedly to optimize absorption for faster, effective full body relief. The nano-emulsifi­cation process is said to allow the nanoparticles of CBD to penetrate the skin while also enabling the ingredients to work synergis­tically to improve the overall efficacy and consistency of the bath salts.

The essential oils are incorporated for their antioxidants and healing properties. Commonly used in holistic medicine and aromatherapy, the oils release their botanical scent when added to warm water, reportedly providing additional relief.

Sourced from the waters off the southern coast of Australia, the products' Antarctic Sea Salt is solar evaporated and analyzed using a proprietary Optically Clean Technology. According to the company, the end result is unadulterated natural sea salt.

The bath salts are formulated for the mind and body. A 20 min soak in a hot bath is said to open the pores and allow the nano-emulsified CBD to be absorbed in the skin for immediate relief. Consistent use of the salts reportedly promotes deep relaxation, improving joint and pain relief and reducing everyday stress. The CBD bath salts are also claimed to reduce inflammation and help alleviate common skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

"The Relief Rx therapeutic bath salt collection is a result of our continual drive for quality improvement and a commitment to producing a healing bath salt experience," said Mark Zoske, founder and CEO of Saltworks. "We have spent the last 18 months and millions of dollars developing this therapeutic bath salt that has remarkable efficacy and consistency while remaining 100% natural."